Parents who utilise hypnobirthing techniques continue to amaze me with their calmness and control. I look forward to empowering parents, providing a toolkit to experience their own ‘best birth’.

What I offer


A birth preparation programme including hypnotherapy techniques and practical education.

I offer classes in a calm, relaxing and fun environment. Sessions can be in small groups or privately in the comfort of your own home.


My ethos


A balanced approach to empower and prepare you for a calm positive birth.

I am a registered nurse and midwife and qualified to teach hypnobirthing techniques in partnership with the Little Birth Company. I have always had a passion for natural birth assisting parents to do what the body is designed for.


 Why Hypnobirthing?


Fewer instrumental or surgical births

Shorter births

Less pain perceived in labour

Less perineal trauma

Birth partner is an integral part of the process, reaching confidence and preparedness

Hypnobirthing babies are calmer, better sleepers and generally have higher Apgar scores at birth.


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